Live the life you love and hate the live you wish and love the life you will

     Loving the life you hate is like giving the stew you hate with your favorite rice,you either eat the stew raw or neglect and eat it with the rice, or you either eat the rice raw or you mix it with the stew.
    You see sometimes life gives us what we have not ask for,if you are  bless it will give you choices, if you are fortunate it will give chances, and if you are privilege it will give you options,and if you are careful it will give you opportunities.
      If you are bless with choices then you can always choose what your heart pleases,even if its Good for you or not.
     If life gives you chances then you stand a chance to win,loose,gain or draw in what ever field of endeavour you found your self,but its up to you to put up the right attitude.
    If life gives you options then you must thank your God because,you may end up to pick from right and right options, but in these situation,you need to emancipate your self from your current circumstances before picking an option, because if you don’t take care your status will hinder you from picking any of the option life gives you.
      If life gives you opportunities,and you are not careful you will loose them,”and opportunity they say comes but ones”,this part of life is very scary,heartbreaking and disguised, it’s requires you to be very attentive and sensitive,”if you are not” opportunities will be knocking on your door and you will never open”why” because you have not gotten the rhythm,you see sometimes opportunity come dressed in insult,opportunity come dressed in maltreatment,opportunity come dressed in accident and incident, opportunity come dressed in Giving, and because you don’t know how to give,you will not open the door of opportunity, sometimes opportunity come dressed in failing, sometimes opportunity come dressed in hard work,ect…..
All this characteristics will be in vain if you don’t
1-Believe in…

           THANK YOU!
  Author: John Gembi Nyamekye
  a.k.a: Johnny Blue
All rights reserved,by johnny blue writing world.



Title:Abrabo Lyrics
,Content:Obra ene wala bo

Se wanto Wo boa obra be wo besa boboobo.
You dey envy me,cause Nyame ashira mi Ama ma bo.
Se Wo te me asia endi3 fa wonsah nifa,benkum to Wo. bo.
Being alive is the greatest opportunity.
Wan Toto Wo nyiama yia,wobete.
Kcno boko boko,hw3na wanti.
Making tough decision s ,I bet you is the reality.
Positive thinking for hope with ability.
Edinpa ye,so please live your life with quality.
Na she nhyira no tcca you can’t even count the quantity.
Of blessing with immunity