The time shall come when all the shadows of our past will become the statues of the present day,and the statues of the present day shall become the Image of the future, and the image of the future will become the monumental predicament of ourselves.
Which is why is very essential for a living being to realize the oasis of time.
From the beginning of time , there was time, the past, the future, the present are all cooked, hooked, and crooked up in time.
As the saying goes” if wishes were horses, beggers will be riding on it”
Same as time if humanity could turn back the hands of time, a lot of people and destinys will perish, alot of incidents will be preoccupied in victimology of the turn in time, a lot of nations will be fighting an endless war, a lot of wars will be fought at the blind side of time, if time can be manipulated a lot of offspring will not be incubated.
For anyone who can toggle with time can as well toggle with believe of  some people, and the understanding of humanity, will limited to the lenght of breath of time.
Which is why the time inventor ” the Almighty God” Can not allow that to happen, that is why he need to set the : Time to born – Time to die, Time to Laught – Time to cry
Time to give – Time to receive, Time to stay – Time to run , I can go on and on and on and on and on and on, or vise visa ect….
But humanity is too fragile to get ahold of the opportunities, privileges, chances, choices, fortunes, moralities and immortalities ,bound -bined and blended in time.
This is Our time as all mankind to make time our precious ally, and respect every second of our time, and by so doing we shall win this race of catastrophic agony of challenge that time has being given us.
All Hail The Human Of The Universe…..!!!


Written and Edited by: John Gembi Nyamekye’ Author’
Frome the : Johnny Blue Writing World.


One thought on “TIME WILL TELL

  1. some people were born to eat, others to read, you was born to fill our mind with understanding.a masterpiece-:)

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