From all walks of lives, we came together, to create one big empire, advancements came upon us and we divided the empire in different kinds of kingdoms, as the sun rises and sets, from east to west and the moon shines out our darkest our, to make centuries unfold” we came together as one Great Nation” To form the greatest, Topest, and the most influencial”But Confidential” and non partial;Continent.
Africa our home of hope, africa our home of peace, Africa our home of the presence of the persistence.
Africa” others call it continent” We call Home, others say its a poor continent, but yet”it is the Grass root of all riches, other say we are idol worshipers .”but” we advocate for our cultural heritage, Traditional Acquaintances, and non lackadaisical customs.
Mother Africa ; The mother of civilization.
Africa the Father of ample Development and democratic benevolence, with the focus to elaminate voilence.
Africa the sister to all to nations,
Africa brother to the future,
Africa father of the Graving talents’ engraved and inscribed on the Tablet of Hope.
Africa our motherland, the mother who never goes to market after or before her basket (meaning africa is a mother who goes to every limit or limitless with her sons and daughters).
To my expression and understanding ; Africa is a Palm Tree, palm trees are one the richest plants on earth, its does everything forward -home (Broom), school (building roofs), work place, entertainment (palm drink ) religion( Hosanna), Education ect………
Well this is the story of Africa’our mother Land.


written and edited by: John Nyamekye – a.k.a Johnny Blue.
Johnny Blue Entertainments