How to Appreciate Chuck Norris
Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris is a famous American actor and martial artist who is best known for his roles in television shows and movies. Starting in the mid 2000s, he rose to prominence through internet memes, particularly the Chuck Norris jokes. Looking past the jokes, there is a lot to appreciate about him, which you’ll learn about in this article.


Read his Wikipedia biography. There is a lot more to him than just his actor roles and the internet memes.

Read some of his quotes. You might just find some inspiration from them.

Make Chuck Norris jokes. As stupid as some of them may be, making up jokes of your own can be fun! Make some up to your friends and family, and have them share some jokes of their own.

Watch episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger on Netflix. There are seven seasons available to watch, so you have a lot of episodes that you can choose from. You may also be able to watch episodes in syndication.

Watch the movies he starred in. His most famous movies include Code of Silence, The Delta Force, and Firewalker. You can look at his profile on the Internet Movie Database to see his full filmography.

Do a roundhouse kick. This is his most famous martial arts move, after all.

Practice Chun Kuk Do. Chun Kuk Do is a Korean-American martial arts style that he invented. You can watch videos of how to perform Chun Kuk Do on YouTube. You can also become a member of the United Fighting Arts Federation, which is an organization that he founded.

Follow him on Facebook. This will give you some insight on his personal life, as well as giving you the chance to contact him.

Keep up with everything going on in his life. Besides his Facebook page, you can also learn news about him by researching online.
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Community Q&A
Should I watch Chuck Norris’s Total Gym commercials? Answered by wikiHow Contributor
Yes! If you want to develop a true appreciation for Chuck Norris, you should watch everything related to him. This is the best way to understand his full range as an actor and as a person.
If you’re a guy, try to imitate his look as much as possible.
Go to his official website to find out more information about him.
Read his autobiography Against All Odds: My Story.
Don’t make jokes excessively. You may annoy people doing so.
Don’t do a roundhouse kick near people.
Don’t overdo everything.
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