2018 Canada Business Expo.

The second summit of the 2018 Canada Business Expo is here! Join thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs from around the world by participating in the 2018 Better Business Expo that will take place at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on the 31st of July, 2018.

The conference will feature seminar training on Business development and an opportunity to meet and network with major players in the Canadian Business community as well as from other participating countries.

Registration deadline is extended till 26th March, 2018

Our registration package covers:

Conference registration and participation tickets
4 nights Hotel Accommodation
Breakfast daily
Visa processing services
Toronto City tour on the 1st August, 2018
The total package as listed above is N450, 000



Interested delegates are required to provide:
Data page of international passport (Scanned and emailed in response to this mail)

Name and address of the company represented with phone numbers of delegates.

The Conference registration fee and reservation fee of N120, 000 per delegate.
The registration/reservation fee must be received on or before 26th of March, 2018, to facilitate Visa processing.

Conference registration fee shall be deducted from the total package cost, the balance is what is payable after Visa has been approved.


Visa processing services will be provided after the conference registration has been completed.

Visa information and service is only available to delegates who register for the conference on or before the registration deadline
Interested delegates will be required to appear in person to submit their Visa application and for the biometrics data capture.

A biometrics data fee of N47, 000 will be collected directly by the Canadian embassy representatives on the day of the biometrics data capture. Note that this fee will also be deducted from the total package after visa is issued.

Duration of Visa is a minimum of 1 year and the maximum is 5 years, depending on validity of international passport.
Note that travel experience and proof of financial ability are requirements for Canada visa processing.

Conference registration fee and reservation fee is NOT refundable under any circumstances. Conference tickets can only be used to attend future Business Expo within a period of 1 year.

Canadian Visa may take more than 8 weeks to process, applicants can choose not to submit their international passport if they require such for urgent travel within the processing period. In this case, application and fees will be submitted online.

Conference registration fee payment details will only be provided to interested delegates, who have provided the other registration documents as stated above.


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