10 Businesses You Can Start In Nigeria With 20-50k

  1. Sale of bottled drink or bottled water
    selling of bottle drinks and water is a lucrative business, because it every day consumption product, if you are in a very populated state or cities like Lagos then you can consider this business. You can start this business with 20,000 and less, all you need is get a space in a busy road, buy big cooler, an umbrella, ice block, a small signboard to write buy minerals and code water here. You can even include recharge card sales to it, the 20k is sure of covering both.

  2. Flashing/Downloading Of Music/Games To Phones Business
    Do you have a laptop? Now it time to make good use of it. people want to have the latest music audio or video on their phones outside downloading, phones get infected with viruses every day, there is no way a virus infected phone owner would not want to flash the phone in other to work well again, this is where you comes in, you can do phone flashing, music and games downloading, and app downloading also together at the same time and this business doesn’t required a shop.
    You can start this right in the front of your house by bringing our your table, chair and your laptop, get two speakers and connect them to your laptop, get a plain board and write ” Download Musics, Games, Bible, Quran, & Flash Your Phone Here”. Just watch how people will be waking you up in the morning with their phones. The business is always a moving train in no mater what location you are because phone are been used every where.
    If you have not competitor in you location you can be charging 2,500 for just phone flashing and 500 Naira and more for games, music, bible and quran downloading. This business doesn’t require you to buy or resell anything, you are just making the money to yourself without buying any thing. If you don’t have a laptop then you can get one from our warehouse for as low as 19k – 40, our warehouse is located at No 09 Nigerian Army Shopping Arena, Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi.

  3. Phones Sales Business
    People buy phone every day and will still buy tomorrow and will still continue to buy, With 50000 you can start phone business in Lagos. There are Uk used untested android and blackberry phones they are selling in ladipo market at the rate of 500 naira each.
    When you get home buy the battery yourself because they don’t come with battery, and test all of them, it will surprise you that they all going to work. I bought samsung galaxy s5 at 500 naira and am still enjoying it till today, a lot of people are begin me to sell it to them for 30k but i like the phone and don’t want to sell it. I also bought techno pad g9 which i use to update some time.
    You can start this business right from the front of you home or at any busy road or even busy railway if you are in Lagos. Just get a table and a carton to arrange them on just as those guy in Ikeja does, and you can start your business, sell them for any amount you wish, but i advice you sell them at a cheap price also, so you can sell them quickly.
    Those guys along the road in computer village sell their as untested also at the rate of 1,500 Naira, just for them to sell faster. You can also make yours cheap so you can sell faster in no mater your location but some could worth very good amount of money even more than 20k, so it better you sell according to their worth.

  4. Phone AccessoriesBusiness
    Phone accessories are phone stuffs like phone chargers, air pies, usb memory card etc. people have issues with their phone accesaries every day mostly chargers. This business is very lucrative if you are in a busy location. starting this business is not costly, you can start this business with 20,000 naira. You must have bought charger or ear pies before, this is to say people are buying it always due improper making of chargers this days, people run into one problem or the other with their chargers, and required them to get new, because they can’t throw their phone away.
    If you are ready for this business you can partner in shop with any body that sell phones, or even if you are in lagos and close to computer village you can take your take to any free space and arrange your phone accessories, there are millions of people going to computer village every days.

  5. Fast Food Business
    I know you eat, and you know i also eat. But do you know it not all the time we feel like cooking or even have the time to? Even if you prepare your breakfast by yourself, how about launch? will you go with your cooking stuffs to the office? This is why restaurant and fast food joints will never runs down. You can set up a mini restaurant with 20k to 50k and start making money from it. You can even deliver to companies at the break time in saving them the stress and time going out to look for food by bringing it to them at the office, they will so much appreciate you while you make your money.

  6. Dry Cleaning Business
    For me, i don’t like giving dry cleaners my cloths till the day i bought ADAGBA, oh my my, when it put it inside the water, i didn’t know where to start the washing from, i was confuse about it and just went to dry it, i thought i have escape the problem till i wanted to iron it, mehn it was not a good experience at all because i end up running with it to the nearest dry cleaner. when i get there i was having in mind that the dry cleaner will iron it for me so i go with it, to my surprise dry cleaner told me to come back next week for it that they have a lot of work at hand, that is how i open mouth but do i have any other choice?
    Just last month they bought two buses from cotonou, and now delivering cloths to their clients, how amazing.
    You can start this business right from your home with no capital to 50k. If you don’t have money then use you hand for the washing and iron them, i am sure you have an iron already. If you have money to invest, then you can get a washing machine and start doing it right in your home till you are able to raise cash for store rent.

  7. Fish Fingerlings Production Business
    Have you seen catfish before? the baby of catfish is called fingerlings. If you are a person that like agriculture such as farming, then you can venture into this business as it very lucrative but it required some skills. There are places to acquire the skill in most cases it cost you nothing. The process of producing fingerlings is easy, the only important thing is getting buyers ready before production.
    This business is lucrative, you can make up to 50,000 Naira in your first production that spend just 4,000 Naira on. fingerlings farming is very lucrative.

  8. Recharge Card Distribution Business
    Even without money you can start this business if you have a bulk seller that trust you. This business is the act of buying and distributing recharge cards from producers to retailers, you are the middle man here. You can start this business with 50k if you don’t have a recharge card producer that can give you to supply and pay back after supply. You will need a bicycle for movement in other to be saving transportation cost.
    Many generation to come this business will always remain lucrative, do you know why? Simple it because not every body have car or can even drive, transportation business has always fail to the best and fast money making business in Nigeria, and it still very lucrative and going to remain a lucrative business in no mater the generation to come. This business is the act of transporting people from one lactation to another, the fact remain that you can’t start this business with any of the amount listed on this post but it worth putting in back of your mind to venture into.

  9. Shawama/Barbecue Business
    This is another business you can start with small amount and be making some cool cash from daily, shawama is consumable daily. Some people like eating barbecue or shawama while drinking in bear parlor and also like buying for their family. The right place for this business is a front of bear parlor, or club.
    You can start shawama or barbecue business with as low as 20k.

  10. Live Stock Poultry Business
    Agriculture product are expensive in Nigeria because business men don’t face it. You can do poultry farming right in your backyard. You can buy a big cage that can contain up to 2 chickens, and in just 4 months you can start selling them for 3,000 naira each specially in season of celebration. with 30000 you can start this business comfortably and there is no too much stress on it.


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