How to Go to Everland

How to Go to Everland
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Everland Resort in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is the largest theme park in the country. Everland provides several ways to get to the park, including a dedicated cab service and a shuttle bus. You can also get to Everland using public transportation or by driving. Decide which mode of transportation is best for you and make sure to purchase your tickets in advance.

Method One of Three:
Getting Direct Rides to the Park

Take an Evercab for a direct trip. Evercab is Everland’s cab service that will make one-way or round trips to the park. Evercab costs a flat rate of 177,257 WON ($158) as of November 2018 for a one-way ride to the park for 1 person. If you plan on traveling with more than 1 person, the price-per-person drops. To see a full list of rates or to make a reservation, call +82-2-863-3541 or visit[1]
Evercab will pick you up directly from any location within Seoul.
If you are taking 4 people on a round trip, the total cost is 439,735 WON ($392).
This is one of the more expensive traveling options.

Ride the shuttle bus to Everland for an affordable option. The Everland shuttle bus is tailored to take guests directly to Everland. You can purchase tickets by calling 031-281-3237 or visiting The bus leaves once a day in the morning around 9 a.m. and leaves the park at 7:30 p.m. To see a full schedule of pickup and drop off points, visit[2]
This bus will pick up people from several bus stations in Seoul, Incheon, and Gyeonggi-do.
Tickets will cost you anywhere from 8,000-12,000 WON, or $7-$11.
Your ticket includes a trip to and from the park.
Drive to Everland if you have a car. If you’d rather drive to Everland, you can do so by heading south on the Gyeongbu Expressway. You can use GPS map apps or websites like to navigate from whatever location you’re coming from. Input Everland’s address, “199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do” into the application and follow the directions that it provides.
Parking in Everland is provided free of charge.
Method Two of Three:
Using Public Transit
Take the 5002 bus if you’re near Gangnam Station. The 5002 bus at exit 10 in Gangnam Station runs every 20 minutes from 6:30 a.m. to midnight. You can purchase a fare on the bus. Take the bus at Gangnam Station and ride it for 40-50 minutes before getting off at the Everland stop.[3]
Purchase bus tickets to and from Everland at the station.
The 5002 bus costs around 2,500 WON, or about $2.
Ride the 5700 bus if you’re near Gangbyeon Station. If you’re closer to Gangbyeon Station, take the 5700 bus at exit 1, in the middle of the road. The bus ride will take a little over an hour. Get off at the Everland stop.[4]
The 5700 bus costs around 2,500 WON, or about $2.
Catch a shuttle bus from a subway station to save money. There are several shuttle bus stops that will take you to the park and back to where you’re staying. Visit to see a bus schedule and to book your ticket in advance. Arrive at the station at the designated pick up time for a direct trip to Everland.[5]
For instance, the shuttle leaves the Gangnam station at 9:30 a.m. and leaves the park at around 7:30 p.m.
The shuttle bus also departs from the City Hall Station Exit 5, Seoul Station Exit 10, and Gwangmyeong-Cheolsan Station Exit 4.
You can get to each station by taking any connecting route in the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.
The shuttle bus costs 12,000 WON, or about $10.
Method Three of Three:
Planning Your Trip
Plan your trip in the spring or fall for the best weather. Spring in South Korea is April to June and is often regarded as the best time to visit. The country experiences mostly sunny days during this time and flowers are in bloom. If you prefer slightly cooler weather, consider visiting in the fall months of September through November.[6]
It’s best to avoid going to South Korea in the summer because it’s monsoon season when the country regularly experiences heavy rainfall.
If you are visiting in the fall or winter, make sure to bring a jacket to keep you warm in the chilly weather.
You can usually wear T-shirts and shorts in the spring and summer.
Get your travel documents in order if you’re visiting from another country. In order to visit the park, you’ll need to travel to South Korea if you don’t already live there. Obtain or renew your passport 2-3 months in advance. You should also check whether you need a travel visa.Certain countries have a visa waiver agreement with Korea. Once you have all your documents, go online to purchase plane tickets to South Korea.
Visit to see whether your countries residents need to get a travel visa to visit South Korea.
Incheon International, Gimpo International, and Jeju International are the largest airports in South Korea.[7]
To save money, buy your plane tickets at least 90 days in advance.[8]
Reserve lodging accommodations if necessary. If you don’t live in Korea and plan on staying for more than 1 day, you should reserve accommodations before you leave for your trip. Take a look online for hotels in Seoul or near Everland and book your room.[9]
If you’d like to stay close to the park, the Ramada Yongin, Soom Forest, and Q Hotels are within a mile from Everland.
Purchase your tickets to Everland online. Visit to purchase your tickets for the days that you plan on visiting the park. A 1-day ticket for an adult costs 54,000 WON, or about $48, while a children’s ticket costs 43,000 WON, or about $38. The tickets include a full day of access to the rides at the amusement park and admission to the Hoam Art Gallery.[10]
There are also 2-day tickets available available for 84,000 WON, or about $75.
Children must be 2-18 to receive the child discount.
You can also purchase night tickets, or tickets after 5:00 p.m., for 45,000 WON, or about $40, for adults and 36,000 WON, or about $32, for children.
Purchase a Qpass with your tickets for an extra 3,000 WON, or about $3, to skip the queues when you’re at the park.[11]
Plan which rides and attractions you want to enjoy. There are 5 different zones in Everland that include European Adventure, Magic Land, American Adventure, Global Fair, and Zootopia. Each zone has its own unique attractions and events. If you are traveling with seniors or young children, Global Fair, Magic Land, and Zootopia have suitable rides and attractions.[12]
European and American Adventure have roller coasters like the T-Express and Gyro VR.
Global Fair has retail shops that include brands like Etude House and LINE Friends. These shops are great for adults and seniors.
Magic Land has rides that are suitable for children.
Zootopia has a variety of different zoo animals including pandas and giraffes.
Look at the schedule to see which special events are happening. Visit to see a full schedule of events. Each zone will have special events depending on which day you go.[13]
Zootopia has events like the “Panda World Animal Talk” and “Finding Superbirds.”
There are often parades and festivals every day in each zone.
The Global Fair has the Victorian Theater which hosts live performances.[14]
Plan on where to eat while at Everland. There are a variety of unique restaurants in each zone. If you want a large selection, Holland Village in the European Adventure zone has 12 European style restaurants. If you want Korean cuisine, you can visit Han-ga-ram to get authentic Korean food. See an entire list of eateries at[15]
You can also bring outside food into the park if you want to save money.
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