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Neil Patrick Harris Talks Magic And More On New Podcast With Andrew Ross Sorkin
by Corey Atad
Magic is one of Neil Patrick Harris’ favourite things in the world.

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On the new podcast “NSL Double Talk”, the “How I Met Your Mother” star sits down with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin to talk about their shared love of illusions.

“I think a lot of the tenets of magic work very well in life, certainly if you’re a performer,” Harris says in the episode. “Misdirection is clutch and crucial in magic and performance, whether it be verbal or physical […]. I think that works in life as well because you can be unsure about how something may pan out, but if you’re committed to it being a certain way, even though that might not be what’s happening, you can steer people and people’s energies.

The two also talk about their career evolutions and more in the episode, out now.

“I didn’t want to have that singular chapter to have defined me so early on, I wasn’t even fully formed yet, and I knew that. […] Back in the mid-90s, you were either a television person or a movie person,” Harris says.

“I sort of had to reevaluate myself at a young age, so I spent some time figuring out what else I wanted to do. I tried the theater. I loved doing that, it was much more full-body, you get a reaction immediately,” he continues, “I also believe that as you get older, you have a better capacity to learn more things. You become less stubborn, I hope. As opposed to being young and thinking that you know everything.”

Published by Never Stop Learning, each week, the “NSL Double Talk” podcast will pair up two luminaries for conversations on art, science and more.

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Future episodes will include conversations between actors Kathy Chalfant and Kate Mulgrew, Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Kate Betts and Indagare founder Melissa Biggs Bradley, and actor Kelly Rutherford and comedian Emily Winter, plus many more.

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