(British) IPA: /stɹəʊk/
(America) enPR: strōk, IPA: /stɹoʊk/

Etymology 1 ▼ show
stroke (plural strokes)

An act of stroking moving one’s hand over a surface.
She gave the cat a stroke.
A blow or hit.
a stroke on the chin
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A single movement with a tool.
(golf) A single act of striking at the ball with a club.
(tennis) The hitting of a ball with a racket, or the movement of the racket and arm that produces that impact.
(rowing) The movement of an oar or paddle through water, either the pull which actually propels the vessel or a single entire cycle of movement including the pull.
(cricket) The action of hitting the ball with the bat; a shot.
A thrust of a piston.
An act of striking with a weapon
One of a series of beats or movements against a resisting medium, by means of which movement through or upon it is accomplished.
the stroke of a bird’s wing in flying, or of an oar in rowing
the stroke of a skater, swimmer, etc.
A powerful or sudden effort by which something is done, produced, or accomplished; also, something done or accomplished by such an effort.
a stroke of genius; a stroke of business; a master stroke of policy
A line drawn with a pen or other writing implement, particularly:
(chiefly) (UK) The slash, /.
(Unicode) The formal name of the individual horizontal strikethroughs (as in A̶ and A̵).
(linguistics) A line of a Chinese, Japanese or Korean character.
A streak made with a brush.
The time when a clock strikes.
on the stroke of midnight
(swimming) A style, a single movement within a style.
butterfly stroke
(medicine) The loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted.
(obsolete) A sudden attack of any disease, especially when fatal; any sudden, severe affliction or calamity.
a stroke of apoplexy; the stroke of death
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(rowing) The oar nearest the stern of a boat, by which the other oars are guided.
(rowing) The rower who is nearest the stern of the boat.
(professional wrestling) Backstage influence.
(squash) A point awarded to a player in case of interference or obstruction by the opponent.
(sciences) An individual discharge of lightning.
A flash of lightning may be made up of several strokes. If they are separated by enough time for the eye to distinguish them, the lightning will appear to flicker.
(obsolete) The result or effect of a striking; injury or affliction; soreness. ▼ show
An addition or amendment to a written composition; a touch.
to give some finishing strokes to an essay
A throb or beat, as of the heart.
Power; influence. ▼ show
(obsolete) appetite

(act of stroking, petting) caress
(blow) blow, hit, beat
(act of striking with a weapon) blow
(single movement with a tool)
(in golf)
(in tennis)
(in rowing)
(in cricket) shot
(thrust of a piston) push, thrust
(made with a pen) stroke of the pen
(made with a brush) brushstroke
(symbol) See slash and strikethrough
(time when a clock strikes) hour
(particular style of swimming)
(in medical sense) cerebrovascular accident, CVA
(in wrestling)
Translations (act of stroking)
French: caresse
Italian: carezza
Portuguese: carícia, cafuné
Russian: погла́живание
Spanish: caricia
Translations (blow) ▲ hide
French: coup
German: Schlag, Hieb
Italian: colpo
Portuguese: pancada, ataque
Russian: уда́р
Spanish: golpe
Translations (single movement with a tool) ▲ hide
French: coup
Italian: colpo
Portuguese: tacada
Spanish: golpe
Translations (- golf: single act of striking the ball) ▲ hide
German: Schlag
Italian: colpo
Portuguese: tacada
Russian: уда́р
Spanish: golpe
Translations (- tennis: single act of striking the ball) ▲ hide
German: Schlag
Italian: battuta
Portuguese: raquetada
Russian: уда́р
Translations (- rowing: movement of an oar or paddle through water) ▲ hide
German: Schlag
Italian: voga, vogata, palata, colpo di remo
Portuguese: remada
Russian: гребо́к
Spanish: remada
Translations (- cricket: shot) ▲ hide
Italian: colpo, giocata
Russian: уда́р
Translations (- thrust of piston) ▲ hide
French: temps
German: Hub
Italian: corsa, tempo
Translations (- act of striking with a weapon) ▲ hide
French: coup
German: Streich
Italian: colpo
Portuguese: pancada
Russian: уда́р
Translations (line drawn with a writing implement) ▲ hide
French: trait
German: Strich, Zug (seldom), Federstrich
Italian: tratto
Portuguese: traço
Russian: штрих
Spanish: trazo
Translations (- stroke of a Chinese character) ▲ hide
French: trait
German: Strich
Russian: черта́
Translations (streak made with a brush) ▲ hide
German: Strich
Italian: pennellata
Portuguese: pincelada
Russian: мазо́к
Spanish: pincelada
Translations (time when a clock strikes) ▲ hide
German: Schlag
Italian: rintocco
Portuguese: badalada
Russian: уда́р
Translations (particular style of swimming, single movement in that style) ▼ show
Translations (loss of brain function arising when the blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted) ▲ hide
French: accident vasculaire cérébral, attaque cérébrale, AVC, infarctus
German: Schlaganfall, Hirninfarkt, Hirnschlag, Apoplexie, (short form, colloquial) Apoplex, (colloquial) Schlagerl
Italian: colpo apoplettico, ictus, accidente cerebrovascolare
Portuguese: derrame, acidente vascular cerebral
Russian: парали́ч
Spanish: apoplejía, accidente cerebro vascular, ACV
Translations (rower who is nearest to the stern of the boat) ▲ hide
German: Schlagmann
Italian: capovoga
Translations (professional wrestling: backstage influence) ▲ hide
Portuguese: pancada
Etymology 2 ▲ hide
From Middle English stroken, straken, from Old English strācian (“to stroke”), from Proto-Germanic *straikōną (“to stroke, caress”).

Cognate with Saterland Frisian strookje (“to stroke; caress”), West Frisian streakje (“to stroke; caress”), German Low German straken, strieken, strakeln, striekeln (“to stroke; caress; fondle”), German streicheln.

stroke (strokes, present participle stroking; past and past participle stroked)

(transitive) To move one’s hand or an object (such as a broom) along (a surface) in one direction. ▼ show
(transitive) To hit the ball with the bat in a flowing motion.
(masonry) To give a finely fluted surface to.
(transitive) To row the stroke oar of.
to stroke a boat
Translations (to move one’s hand or an object over the surface of) ▲ hide
French: caresser
German: streicheln, streichen
Italian: accarezzare
Portuguese: acariciar
Russian: гла́дить
Spanish: acariciar
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