Season 10

Thankfully, our case was the first to be called. My lawyer and Nora’s got up to introduce themselves as our respective counsels. Then I was asked to go stand in the dock to the left of the judge while my wife stood in that to his right. We both swore by the Bible to speak the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. Then another clerk at the court read out why I had been summoned to the court. When he was done, the judge took over.

He went straight to the point and said my estrange wife was claiming that I was not the biological father of our two children; she wanted a DNA test carried out to prove her claim. Then the judge asked if I had any objection.

“No, my Lord” I said calmly.

The judge nodded before announcing that the DNA test will be done at the Central Government Hospital. He directed that it be carried out within 48 hours after the court’s order. The Registrar at the court was appointed to be the independent observer who will be present at the hospital when our respective DNAs are being taken. Having spelt out what he wanted done, the judge then asked if there was any objection. Both parties said they were okay with the arrangement. With that, the case was adjourned.

As soon as we walked out of the court room, my estranged wife, followed by his brother and two other men walked to her vehicle, got in and drove away. She had evidently come to the court with bodyguards to prevent me from attacking her. I smiled to myself. I had no intentions of attacking her, especially as we were in court; though I knew that not even these tough looking sunglasses wearing men were capable of coming between me and my children.

I got into my car and drove to the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) club house with my lawyer in tow. There, we had a brunch. I took Milo and brown bread with baked beans while he took a bottle of lemonade and chicken.

“Nora is very interesting. I am surprised at her. It is as if I have never known her” my lawyer, Carl Lomotey, said.

I was not in the mood to talk about my wife. Talking about her only brought back painful memories of seeing her in bed with my friend. All I wanted now was to get my children back. I changed the topic. Carl realized this and understood I did not want to discuss Nora.

After the brunch, we parted ways. I headed for the hospital while he headed for his chambers.

Back at my work place, I immediately began to attend to patients. I worked hard as though it was going to be my last day at the hospital. Burying myself in my work enabled me to forget the pain of my wife’s infidelity. Finally, when it was almost five O’clock, I saw off the last patient. My work schedule for the day too had come to an end. I was about to leave my consulting room when my phone rung. The number that appeared on my screen was that of my wife. I wondered why she was phoning me. I decided not to pick the call. The ringing continued till it ended. Then after about three seconds, it started ringing again.
I still refused to answer the call. However, when it began ringing the fifth time, I picked it; I was going to tell her off, warning her never to call me. But as soon as I answered the call, I heard my son’s voice.

“Daddy! Daddy! Is that you?” Peter asked. The sound of his voice brought back nostalgic feelings of the good old days when we were a one big happy family.

“Peter! Yes! It’s me! How are you! How is Pamela? Where are you?” I asked, my heart aching and yearning for them.

“Pamela is here. Daddy, we miss you. When are you coming for us? We miss you. We want to…”

Suddenly, I heard their mother’s voice interrupting.

“Peter! Who asked you to use my phone? Who are you calling? Let me see,” I heard her say.

“I was talking to Daddy,” I heard my son reply.

Then I heard my wife say,
“that man is not your daddy…” then the line went dead.

I could not believe it! My wife was telling my son that I was not his father. Immediately, my entire being was gripped with anger. Quickly, I phoned my wife back.

To be continued

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