Season 6

With my driver, Yao, on leave, I drove them to school myself. On hindsight, that was the fatal mistake I made – with the issue at hand, I should not have allowed them to go to school that day.

Having dropped them off at school, I phoned my lawyer, briefed him about what had happened and told him to begin divorce proceedings against my wife.

“Paul, you don’t mean you actually caught your wife, Ivy, and your friend, Edwin making love in your house, in your bedroom and on your bed?” the shocked lawyer asked.

I told the lawyer that was exactly what happened. And there was no way I was going to stay married to Nora any longer.

Back at work, I had a long queue of patients waiting for me. My day at the hospital usually starts at 7:00am; I do the rounds in the wards to review the condition of inpatients.
But on this day, I was late. I got to the hospital at 7:45am to find anxious nurses waiting for me.
There was an emergency waiting for me to deal with. A woman who had been in labour for two days needed a caesarian done on her and I was required to do that.
I went to the theatre, saw the patient and then to everybody’s surprise, left without a word. The nurses and other paramedics chased me to my room, pleading with me not waste time lest mother and baby would die.

I sighed and told them I knew it was an emergency but it would be better if another doctor did the surgery. I asked them to return to the woman; another doctor would be there to do the operation.

As soon as they left, I placed a call to a colleague, Dr. Ntim and quickly told him about the surgery and pleaded with him to take over from me because I was not in the right frame of mind to operate on anybody.

Dr. Ntim was a close friend. I had done surgeries on his behalf on many occasions and he had done same for me. So, he didn’t hesitate; he didn’t ask questions either. He knew that if I said I was not in the right frame of mind, then it meant something was wrong. He said he was heading directly to the theatre immediately.

After I put my phone down, I placed my head on my table and sobbed. I felt bad not going to do the surgery but I knew I had taken the right decision; with my mind preoccupied with my wife’s infidelity, I knew I could make an error that will be fatal to mother and child.

Two hours on, I was still seated behind my desk thinking about my wife and what I caught her doing when the door opened and Dr. Ntim stepped in. I got up and looked up enquiringly at him. He smiled and sitting down and told me that the surgery had been successful; mother and son were doing well.

I got up and hugged him, thanking him for stepping in for me. Then after he sat down, I told him why I was not in the right frame of mind to do the surgery.

“Oh my God! Paul, are you sure of what you are telling me?” he asked, stunned.

“Kojo, would I lie to you with such a sensitive matter? Would I tell you something so shameful for no cause? If you want to watch her and Edwin, here it is. I captured it on my phone,” I said as I switched the phone to video mode. But, Dr. Kojo Ntim stopped me, saying he wouldn’t want to watch.

“It’s good you called me to do this operation for the woman. There is no way you could have been in the right frame of mind to do it,” he said.

He sympathized with me and agreed with me that divorce was the way to go. Then he left. He had patients to attend to. I too had patients to attend to.

To be continued

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