Shopify Drop shipping? Learn How to make it a profitable business

Dropshipping lets you build an online store without having to see or touch any of your products. You can find thousands of products from suppliers and list them for sale on your Shopify store. The supplier will hold your inventory and ship the products. All you have to do is get traffic to your store. Location: Anywhere 🌎 Income: Medium/Very High Difficulty: Very Hard Capital Needed: $100-$500 for ads Recommended: Buy a course Dropshipping can make lots of money but it’s very difficult when starting. That’s why we recommend a quality course like Simplified Dropshipping. How It Works  Shopify gives you a 2 week free trial. If you’re skilled enough, you can build your store in less than 1 day, start running ads and be profitable before your trial is over. The only investment is ads. Here’s what dropshipping looks like step by step:  Research products and build your Shopify store Advertise your store with something like Facebook Ads Get sales Buy the product from your supplier and let them ship it Keep the profit The hardest part is being profitable and getting sales. Most dropshippers learn Facebook Ads because that is the best advertising program in the world right now. There are other ways to get traffic like Instagram Influencers for example but Facebook Ads is the most effective and popular. Pros and Cons It’s extremely easy to build a Shopify dropshipping store with products but it’s very hard to get sales. Here’s what you should expect:  Dropshipping Pros  Dropshipping Cons Low startup costs and low risk with very high reward Big learning curve that’s why we recommend a good quality course Internet business so you can do it from anywhere in the world Must learn a lot about marketing and facebooks ads Only order products when customers pay you Very competitive which can affect your margins Supplier holds and ships your inventory A lot of your products and stores will fail before one works How To Get Started There is a lot to learn that’s why as step 1, we recommend a quality course to speed up your success.  In general though, this is how to start: Learn as much as possible Research the products you want to sell Start your 2 week trial on Shopify Build your store on day 1 On day 2 start sending traffic Keep tweaking and optimizing your store, products and ads Get sales Repeat over and over again The Bottom Line Dropshipping is a great business model and can be extremely profitable. It’s also fun building cool stores and seeing lots of sales come in. However, it’s easy to make a Shopify store but it’s very hard to get sales. So if you want to do this business, make sure you learn and are prepared for this. Check out Simplified Dropshipping to learn how to start a profitable dropshipping business.

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