Upload Your Photos and Videos to Earn Money on Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a stock photo website where photographers and videographers can make money by uploading their work. If you sign up as a Shutterstock Contributor you will be paid every time your photos or videos are downloaded. Shutterstock has paid out more than $1 BILLION to its contributors. You can get a slice of that pie! Keep reading for more info. What is it? Shutterstock is an online photo database where users everywhere can upload their photography, videography, graphic designs and more. Your work can then earn money every time it’s used by someone else.  If you have a large library of popular photos that people are downloading, this can turn into a passive income stream. Who is it For?  You might be thinking that you need to be a world-class photographer to earn money, but that’s simply not the case.  Anyone with at least a DSLR camera and basic photography skills can earn income. Obviously though, the more photography expertise you have the more successful you will be. How Does it Pay? Shutterstock payments are divided into different tiers. You’ll initially earn US$0.25 per download, but as you earn more your earnings can rise as high as US$2.85 per download. For videos and custom images you will earn 20% to 30% for your content. That might seem small, but keep in mind that you can upload as many photos as you like, and members with 500 images or more can receive hundreds of downloads per month.  Shutterstock also has millions of visitors on their website that you get access to. You don’t have to do any of the marketing, customer service, website design etc. This helps make up for the high fees a lot. Pros No marketing – Get access to Shutterstocks millions of customers and traffic Earn money doing something that you love (assuming you love photography) Costs nothing to submit photos Potential passive income stream You can upload photos and videos that you already have Beginner photographers can make money if they work smart Cons  Need a decent camera. At least a DSLR  Can take time to build a quality portfolio that people are downloading consistently Photos need to get approved by Shutterstock Only get to keep 30% of what your content sells for How to Get Started Head to Shutterstock’s become a contributor page to learn more about their process and how to start earning money from your photos. If you already have a ton of great photos or videos the easiest thing would be to start uploading those. Afterwards, to build your portfolio you can try to take specific shots. Shutterstock gives you info on what photos are in demand. So you can go take those shots and have a higher likelihood that they’ll get downloaded.  The Bottom Line  If you have a passion for photography and know how to compose a decent shot, becoming a Shutterstock contributor can lead to an impressive passive income stream. And if you love taking photos, it can be a rewarding way to earn money from one of your personal talents. Also making money with photography: Make money selling your iPhone/android photos with Foap

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