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Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps In Nigeria For Business and personal use.

Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps In Nigeria Where Employees And Entrepreneurs Can Access Loans
By Ebunoluwa Ojo

Accessing loans from financial institutions can be a hurricane task as some of the requirements requested by banks is put in place to discourage small business owners from applying. What about trying to get friendly loans from family and friends? You keep hearing ‘sorry’ over and over yet, your business cannot remain in a sorry state. This is why online lending platforms with their mobile loan apps has become a shelter in a time of storm for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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Yes, I understand that you have reservations when it comes to taking out loans or using these mobile loan apps but a wise business man is the man who understands technology and can leverage it for the growth of his business.

Mobile loan apps and lending platforms are designed for rainy days when you need a short term loan to take care of pressing business needs. Needless to say that they will save you from financial embarrassment.

It is our custom to help entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools they need to scale their businesses. Therefore, we have compiled top 10 mobile loan apps that you can access loan from with just a swipe of your finger.

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Top 10 Mobile Loan Apps For Small Business Owners in Nigeria
Branch Loan
Branch Loan has become one of the preferred mobile loan apps. It is an online lending platform where you can access between N1,000 to N200,000 anytime anywhere. It provides a 24/7 service without collateral, roll over or transaction fee charges.

As a customer friendly platform, Branch designed her loan process to fit her customer’s need to help them grow. Its loan term ranges from 4 – 40 weeks with interest rates determined by a number of factors including repayment history.

To get a loan from Branch, download the Branch app. Next, create an account and apply for the loan. Lastly, Branch will then show their commitment by crediting your account.

Please note that the more you show that you are credit worthy, the more your credit rating improves. Branch is also present in Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania, United States, and India.

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This is a licensed online lender that provides instant loan to customers. It is one of the mobile loan apps where you can also buy airtime, make purchases and pay bills.

They give between N2,500 to N150,000 with a loan tenure of 4-26 weeks. Also, their interest rates ranges from 5% – 28%. From their website, no additional fees apply when processing your loan. Loans can be accessed when you are fully registered.

To access FairMoney, download the FairMoney app. After, register with your facebook account or phone number and answer few questions which takes roughly 2 minutes. Then, the loan is yours.

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This is a fintech lending company that operates under a microfinance banking license. It provides loans to individuals and small businesses through its website, contact agent, network and branches.

Basically, RenMoney is regulated by CBN and insured by NDIC, and it offers market leading rates on fixed deposits and savings accounts. You can get from N50,000 to N4 million within 24 hours of application.

To apply for RenMoney loan, log on to the site and fill the online application form. Next, follow the instructions by uploading all the necessary documents. They require that you upload your bank statement so they can access your credibility. After completing the process, you can receive your loan within 24 hours of approval.

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Quick Check
Quick Check is a mobile loan app that offers digital financial services that helps you get closer to your personal and business goals. With just a QuickCheck app on your smart phone, you can access instant loan at a click. First, the app is easy to use. Also, your information is fully secured.

Moreover, Quick Check employs the use of Machine Learning (ML) to predict borrower’s behavior and credibility to a loan.

To get started, download Quickcheck app and sign up for free, then apply for a loan. Once you qualify, the requested amount will be disbursed into your account. You can request from N5,000 to N50,000.

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Palm Credit offers loan from N2,000 to N100,000 limit with loan duration of 91 days to 180 days. It operates a fair loan interest rate of 4.7% per month. So, if you borrow N100,000 for 6 months, then at the expiration of 180 days, you will repay the sum of N124,000.

It is one of the mobile loan apps in Nigeria that provides fast loan within 3-5 minutes without collateral. Also, the earlier you repay the loan, the more your credit score grows. And, there are no rollover charges, no transaction fees, no paper work and no collateral. To access the loan, download the PalmCredit app, register by following the steps and you have your instant loan.

Guess what! You can also refer friends and earn up to N80,000 cash bonus on this lending platform.

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Carbon (Paylater)
Carbon is a mobile loan app previously called Paylater. It is a service provided by a fully-licensed and regulated finance company. It is reliable and works 24/7 anywhere, anytime without guarantors or collateral.

With Carbon, you can get instant short-term loans for urgent needs and bill payment. Carbon provides instant loans from N1,500 to N1 million in minutes and repayment period of up to 64 weeks.

Carbon interest rates is as low as 5% monthly of the first loan. Also, you can pay your GoTV, DSTV, electricity and even Bet9ja bills on the platform. In addition, you can recharge your airtime and transfer money to family and friends. The more your credit score increases when you repay your loans on time, the more access you have to larger loan amounts at lower interest rates.

Finally, you can earn up to 16% annual interest by investing in Carbon’s investment plan, PayVest. As one of the mobile loan apps, the whole process is 100% online. So, all you need is to download the app on your mobile device, register and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

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Alat by Wema
Alat by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. The platform is a subsidiary of Wema bank, a commercial bank in Nigeria. On Alat, you can transfer and make payment, save for a goal and apply for instant loan.

In few minutes, you can apply for a loan on Alat without any paper work or collateral. You can access up to N200,000 without physically visiting a Wema Bank branch. To enjoy this online lending platform, download the ALAT app and sign up. Then, click loans from the menu item, go through all the information, apply for your loan and accept the terms and conditions.

Note that your account is debited on the repayment due date.

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Soko Loan
Soko is one of the online mobile apps that proffers financial solution with its short-term loans. It doles out loan ranging from N5,000 to N100,000 with repayment tenure between 91 – 180 days. It offers interest and service fees of 4.4% monthly and you can apply 24/7 from anywhere.

Just like most online mobile loan apps, Soko loan requires no paperwork, no collateral and no office address. As with every lending platform, your loan limit increases as your credit score improves.

To access the loan, download Sokoloan on Google playstore. Then, create your account, follow due process, and apply. You will be credited within few minutes.

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Page Financials
Page Financials is a one-stop-shop for anytime you are short on cash. It offers loan from N200,000 to N5 million Naira within few hours without collateral. It is hassle free. The terms and condition are clearly stated for you to see.

To access Page loans, register on the platform, and present your bank statement. The bank statement is used to access if you can be trusted with funds. The interest rate and pay back period of Page Financials is reasonable.

You can download Page Financials app, register and get your loan in few hours. Also, the platform allows you to pay for bills like TV subscriptions, electricity bills and internet subscriptions. Again, you can recharge your airtime and transfer funds to family and friends.

Additionally, Page Financials is also an investment platform where you can invest a minimum of N200,000 and earn up to 17% interest per annum.

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Aella Credit
Aella Credit believes that access to credit is a fundamental human right and so it helps customers build financial independence. It provides loan to registered (in-network) and unregistered (out-of-network) companies. It also provides micro merchant loans where small businesses get financed based on their cashflows.

Basically, employees of registered companies get larger loan amounts with a lower interest rate. This means that these employees can access cash at the most competitive rates anytime, anywhere.

To get a loan from Aella Credit, download the app on Google Playstore, register and receive your loan in your bank account in less than 2 minutes. An employee needs to provide their correct name and employee ID to enjoy this low interest loan.

In conclusion, these are our list of mobile loan apps where you can access loans to help your businesses and solve that financial challenge. It is important that you take your time, go through their sites, carefully read the terms and conditions and do your due diligence before applying for any of these loans.

Have you tried other platforms that are not listed here, please share your experience with us.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey, let us help you get through it with our services.

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Not Just How To Make Money But How To Save It.

This post isn’t how to make money but how to save it, which is sometimes just as good. We use credit our entire lives so it makes sense to maximize it to make the best of your financial situation.

And one way to save 10s of thousands of dollars over the course of your life is by building a good credit score!

Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to build a good credit score over time. Keep reading so you can copy exactly what I did to get an 800+ credit score at the age of 23.

If you don’t know your credit score sign up on Credit Karma to check and monitor your score for free

How Does Good Credit Save You $1000s?
Credit is what banks and lenders look at to see if you are responsible with money. Whether we like it or not, a bad credit score will cost you 10s of thousands of dollars over the course of your life.

A bad credit score means you will pay higher interest if you get a loan. This will cost you A LOT if you get a house (mortgage) one day. It also costs you more for financing a car, getting insurance, some utility bills and so on. If you have really poor credit, you won’t even be approved to get loans. 

This can all be avoided and you’ll save a ton of money if you know how to use credit properly. Your future self will be thanking you.

How I Got an 800+ Credit Score at Age 23
Luckily it’s simple to build a good credit score. You just have to do the following things and your score will get higher and higher over the years.

1. Find out what your credit score is – Step one is to know what your score is in the first place so you can track your progress. You can sign up on Credit Karma to check and monitor your credit score for free, for life. Checking your score does not impact it.

2. Use credit cards like a debit card – It must be said, don’t buy anything if you don’t have the money to pay it off right away. Being in debt is obviously going backwards and hurting your score.

3. Pay for everything with a credit card (unless it doesn’t make sense to) – This will build your score over time. You also accumulate points which is like more money. If you make purchases with debit or cash, stop because it has zero benefits! 

It doesn’t matter how small your credit card transactions are either. Every transaction shows lenders you are responsible as long as you are paying it off. 

4. Start building credit right away – The longer your credit history the higher your score will be. For example, banks prefer someone with a 5 year track record over someone with a 5 month track record. So get a credit card as soon as you can to start building that history.

Also, NEVER cancel a credit card because it will delete some of that track record and lower your score. If a credit card has no annual fee, always keep it open. It doesn’t matter if you use it or not.

5. Get multiple credit cards – More cards builds your credit history but is also helps with something else. You want to use as little of your credit limit as possible. This is known as your Utilization Ratio and it effects 35% of your credit score.

Even though you are approved for a certain credit limit it hurts you if you use 100% of it!

For example, if your credit limit is $1000 and you spend $900 that will actually lower your score because you are spending 90% of your limit. But if you spend $900 on a $10,000 limit you are using only 9% of your credit which will improve your score.

So it’s a good idea to increase your credit limit so you have a low utilization ratio. Aim for under 10% ratio.

6. Try to always keep your balance at $0 – The more you have your balance at $0 the more credit companies like that. Yes you can pay off your balance in full on the last day and you’ll have a good score. But this is also about the utilization ratio above. It is better if you pay off your purchases earlier or ideally right after you buy something so your balance is always at $0. 

7. Keep learning about credit – I was able to get a 800+ score with just these tips but learning more will always get you further. Keep educating yourself about credit. One way to do that is download my app: Credit Score Advice or just find info on Google.

The Bottom Line
A good credit score can open many opportunities for you. On the contrary, a bad credit score can cost you a LOT of money because you’ll be getting high-interest rates and unfavorable credit terms. 

The good news is that improving your credit score doesn’t take any work after a little setup. You don’t need an 800 score either to see the benefits. Anything above a 700 score is great! 

I don’t have a mortgage, or a crazy spending limit. I’ve just been using credit cards for 5 years, building history, being responsible and using the advice above to build an 800+ score which means you can do it too. 

Once again, if you don’t know your credit score sign up on Credit Karma to check and monitor your score for free!

How To Get Paid to Shop and Deliver People’s Groceries.

Instacart is an online delivery service where you can get paid to shop and deliver people’s groceries.

It’s an easy side hustle for anyone that wants up to $25 bucks an hour. No special skills are required and it can be done either full-time or part-time if you’re in the USA or Canada.

Income Potential: $25/hour
Difficultly: Easy

Getting started
To sign up on Instacart all you have to do is fill a form on their website and wait to be approved. To be eligible you have to meet the following conditions:
Be over the age of 18
Have a smartphone with Android 5.0 or later, or iOs 9 or later
Can lift up to 30 pounds
If you get approved, Instacart will send you instructions on how to complete the full registration. Once your registration is approved, you will have a small training course so you can be ready to shop and deliver goods.

How much do you make?
Shoppers are compensated on an hourly rate, which is calculated by taking into consideration the number of orders, the items per order, the days when the shopper works, etc.

The payments are made on a weekly basis, and according to an article on HuffingtonPost, the hourly rate can go up to $25 per hour during busy hours.

Each client can also decide to tip you, which can be done in 2 ways:
On hand – when you deliver the groceries to them; or
Through the app – at the end of each order, Instacart offers clients to tip the shopper through the app. 100% of the tips go to the shopper without any deductions from Instacart’s part.
Another way of making money through the platform is referring it to other shoppers. You can send a link to people around you that would want to work as a shopper too and get a bonus for it.

When you register as a Personal Shopper, you can choose between 2 different roles:

Full Service Shopper –
as a Full Service Shopper, you can work for as many hours as you want per week without any limit. Your tasks can be either shopping and delivering groceries, or just delivering groceries. To be able to register as a Full Service Shopper, you will need a vehicle that has the proper insurance.

In Store Shopper –
the only condition to register as an In Store Shopper is just to be US-based. In Store Shoppers don’t need a vehicle, can work for a maximum of 29 hours per week and on a single store location.

How does the job work?
At the moment, Instacart has the following offers for customers:
Delivery within an hour done by a local Personal Shopper
Scheduled delivery at a set time in the future
Scheduled grocery pick up from the store at a set time
The most used and basic offer is the delivery by a local personal shopper. Most of the offers function in a similar way, but the basic one is done through a 4-step process:

1. The clients place an order online which contains their grocery list and any other notes they have for you (i.e. organic food, date, fruit type).

2. The personal shopper that is located near the market picks up the order and buys the required groceries according to the list.

3. The personal shopper pays the market with his/her Instacart prepaid debit card.

4. The personal shopper delivers the products to the set address mentioned in the order.

Pros of using Instacart
Flexible working schedule
Opportunity to make a lot of money during busy hours
Can work for just a few days

Cons of using Instacart
Items that are out of stock in the markets
Complicated customers with specific requirements
Unpredictable working hours
Not available everywhere

What type of vehicle do I need to become a personal shopper?
There are no specific requirements regarding the type of transport you use, as long as it allows you to respect the required time limits when you’re an In Store Shopper. For Full Service Shoppers, you need a vehicle with a proper insurance.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up on InstaCart’s website here

Next steps…
If you’ve signed up for Instacart or are already a shopper here are tips so you can make more money!

Making more money with Instacart ultimately comes down to your speed and efficiency. The faster you shop and pick items the more you will earn per hour since you earn a fixed price for each delivery.

Here are 30 tips summarized from Aleks Haugom’s fantastic video with some more bonus tips sprinkled throughout:

1. Shop Fast
The faster you shop the more you earn per hour. Shopping slow can make $12-$14/hour but if you learn to shop fast you can earn $25-$30/hour.

2. Don’t Worry About The Due Time
The due time is not the same time the customer sees so there is no need to be unnecessarily worried by it.

3. Use Large Bags
Use large reusable bags that can hold a lot of groceries. Invest in a quality bag or else it will break down. Here are links to 3 bags:
Ikea Bag ($1.49)
Collapsible Cart (On Amazon)
Cooler Bag (On Amazon)
4. Grab Multiple Carts (If Needed)
Do this if you’re doing a large delivery and there’s lots of bags. You can also grab a basket to grab multiple items while you park your cart in an aisle.

5. Park Near a Cart Rack
This makes it a lot easier when leaving the grocery store.

6. Drive A Small Car
If possible, drive a small car if you’re in a city. Easier to park and better on gas (which means more profit). If you don’t have a small car, have patience while you drive 🙂

7. Leave Bags At The Persons Door
If you knock on the persons door and they are not home just leave the bags by the door. Since more orders equals more money you won’t be wasting time waiting. Take a picture of how you left the bags and send it to the customer. This can also be proof if there is ever any disputes with HQ.

8. Always Carry Spare Change
If driving in a city make sure you always have dimes, nickles, and quarters for parking.

9. Don’t Speed
Drive safe and don’t get tickets

10. You Probably Won’t Get A Ticket On Private Property
Try to pay attention to who has jurisdiction to give parking tickets. If the place can’t issue a ticket or the tow truck can’t get there in time just park there if you’re willing to take the risk.

11. Familiarize Yourself With The Order
Don’t start shopping right away. Scan through the order on your phone and visualize what isles you’ll be going through.

12. Don’t Back Track
Scroll up and down through your order a lot. It’s better to go slower while you shop and not miss anything than to continuously back track.

13. Get A Portable Battery For Your Phone
Don’t let your phone die if you’re doing a long day! Alternatively you can keep a charger in your car.
Portable battery (On Amazon)
14. Take Quick Photos
Photos do not matter. Just take them quick and click “Force Mark as Found”. No one looks at them.

15. Check Dates Of Food
Make sure the food you’re buying (produce, meats, etc) are not expiring soon.

16. Don’t Use Produce Bags
There is no need to use the bags in the produce section. Only do so if it makes you move faster.

17. Replace Items Quickly
If you can’t find the right size item quickly replace it with a smaller size. If an item is out of stock don’t overthink it. Make a decision quick.

18. Stop Timer As Quickly As Possible
When you get your last item force through the end of the timer and take screenshots of the barcodes for when you go through checkout. The faster you appear to the algorithm the larger your orders could be.

19. Walk Fast
Super simple time saver. You can also pull the cart behind you to peak around corners quickly and safely.

20. Checkout Quick
Scan the barcodes and run the payment first. Then pack your items.

21. It’s Ok To Not Accept Some Orders
If a location is super far you don’t need to accept it. Just decline but head towards a grocery store to get prepared for your next order.

22. Bring Snacks
It can be a long day and you’ll save money from buying take out.

23. Buy A Cart
If delivering to apartment buildings this will be a life saver. Make sure to get a quality one and don’t skimp out.
Collapsible Cart (On Amazon)
24. Cover QR Code
If the app can’t recognize a barcode when taking a photo, try covering the QR code with your finger.
25. Download Store Apps
Some grocery stores are very large and it’s hard to find items. Download the store apps so you can see which aisle each item is when Instacart doesn’t provide that.

26. Talk With Customers
Use voice to text to message customers. This is a faster way to communicate and it’s also good to send messages to your customer for a chance to increase tips.

27. Save Deli Orders To The End
Save deli orders until after you hit go to checkout and enter all your receipt information. This way the deli orders don’t count towards your average time.

28. Hit Delivery Button When You Get In Your Car
Make sure you’ve paid for the groceries and are at least walking out before you tap Start Delivery. This way it seems like you’re getting to your customer faster.

29. Talk To Customer
When you deliver the order ask the customer how their day is going and chat with them. Your tips will increase from this in the long run.

30. Find More Ways To Be Faster
There are hundreds of other hacks you can find while shopping. If you keep searching for them you can go from making $12 hour to $25+ an hour.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for Instacart here and start making money!

How To Make Legit Money With AIRBnB; AirBnB is a travel app where people can make money renting out their space to travellers.

AirBnB is a travel app where people can make money renting out their space to travellers.


A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌,‌ ‌I‌n‌c‌.‌ is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. The company does not own any of the real estatelistings, nor does it host events; it acts as a broker, receiving commissions from each booking.[4] The company is based in San Francisco, California, United States.


The company was conceived after its founders put an air mattress in their living room, effectively turning their apartment into a bed and breakfast, in order to offset the high cost of rent in San Francisco; Airbnb is a shortened version of its original name,

In 2017, over 100 million trips were booked on Airbnb in over 190 countries! If you have an apartment, house, or just an extra bedroom chances are you can start making money as an Airbnb Host.

Here is how you can make Airbnb an income stream:

Works in 191 Countries 🌎
Income Potential: Medium/High
Difficulty: Medium

How Does AirBnB Work?

All you need is a spare room, apartment or house, however small or big it may be. If you have that simply sign up as an Airbnb Host and create your listing.

If you don’t have an extra room or don’t own a home there are still options:

Rent out your place while you are travelling/not at home
You can convert one of your rooms into an extra bedroom
Ask your landlord for permission to use Airbnb (maybe give them a cut)
Buy a property to use for Airbnb
Find a friend who has a room(s) and make a deal with them
Use other people’s properties and start an Airbnb management company
How much can you earn?

Some people can cover their mortgage payments with Airbnb others are running a full time business with multiple properties. There is no limit to how much you can earn, it depends how serious you want to take it.

In general, your location and the type of space you have is what will determine your income. A luxury condo in Las Vegas will earn more than a 1 bedroom house in a small town. Click here to see how much your place is worth.

Here are some variables that will determine your income:

Your nightly price
Your vacancy rate – how many nights will you be booked
Your place – How many guests you can accommodate, size of home, amenities etc.
Your location – is there tourism, heavy business area, a travel hotspot, a large city?
Time of year/season
Competition – Supply/demand in your area affects the price
Automation – if you want it to be 100% passive there will be more expenses

How to Get Started

Here is the basic process for getting your first booking:

Make an airbnb account – You can sign up here
Airbnb will ask for some personal information.
Create a listing – Airbnb walks you through the process
Price your listing – You can choose your price manually or use Airbnb Smart Pricing to do it for you.
Start receiving bookings – Make your listing as attractive as possible. You may want to consider a lower price until you get 1 or 2 reviews on your account.
Welcome your guest – Prepare the property and wait for your guests to arrive
Get paid – Once your guests finish their stay you automatically get paid! Airbnb keeps 3%.
Set up systems (optional) – Set things up like self-check in, cleaning services, and more so you have a passive income stream.
Pros of Airbnb

Potential for high earnings
Can be almost entirely outsourced and set up for passive income
Can be scaled and turned into a business (optional)
Sometimes you can make a lot more than having long term tenants
You set the rules for your guests
No professional experience required

Cons of Airbnb

Takes a lot of effort and time to earn good reviews
More challenges if you don’t own a home. For example getting landlord’s permission
Lots of initial setup before it’s passive
Income potential is very different for everyone (location, number of rooms, etc).


What types of properties can I rent?

Anything. You can share everything from a room, a basement, to a treehouse or a whole estate with pools and everything included.

Can I rent out multiple properties at once?

Of course. You can rent as little or as many properties you have available, as long as you work according to Airbnb’s rules and maintain them.

Does the property need to be available all the time?

No, it’s completely up to you how many days you offer the property and you can set check-in times and check-out times.

What if my property gets damaged?

Airbnb has an “Airbnb Host Guarantee”. This provides protection for up to $1,000,000 for property damages caused by a guest. There are certain things exempt from the Airbnb Host Guarantee, such as cash and securities, collectibles, rare artwork, jewelry, pets or personal liability, so it’s best to relocate these object before the guests arrive at the property. Upon sign up, Airbnb also collects government ID and validates everyones identity for an additional layer of security.

Find Out How Much Your Unit Will Make

Millions of people are using Airbnb. If you want a slice of the pie find out how much you can earn in your area!

If you want to travel on Airbnb, I do have a $50 Airbnb coupon here. If you want to become an Airbnb host, click here.

Borrow €300 for 30days

Representative 1270% APR We’re a licensed credit broker not a lender. Representative

 Example: Borrow £300 for 30 days. One total repayment of £372.00. Interest: £72.00. Interest rate: 292% pa (fixed). 1270% APR Representative. We are a broker not a lender.