LOOK FOR BUSINESS PARTNERS NOT FRIENDS. At this stage of your life, you need to start looking for business partners. Not just friends. Ten years from now those friends might vaporise into thin air… Ten years from now your business should be generating active and passive income for you… Ten years from now your today’s investment becomes a large asset… Ten years from now your child will eat or starve from the decisions you make…


Developed Your Mind Not Your Muscles

Body guards are usually bigger than their employers. But their employers are always richer. When the body guard was developing his muscles his employer was developing his mind. What are you developing?

"Developed Your Mind Not Your Muscles"

How to live Healthier & a Happy Life…

LIFE FACTS!!! 1. Your shoes are easily noticed by people so wear nice shoes.    If you sit for more than 11 hours a day,  there’s a 50% chance you’ll die within the next 3 years. Therefore reduce how long you sit.    There are at least 6 people in the world who look exactly like you.  There’s a 9% chance that you’ll meet one of them in your  lifetime.    Sleeping without a pillow…

"How to live Healthier & a Happy Life…"

Inspirational Message

MTN came to Nigeria at a time when nobody wanted to invest in Nigeria, at a time when Nigerians did not have phones.  Even Zenith Bank refused to loan MTN cash to operate, UBA rejected MTN’s offer but today see the difference. What about Cowbell?  When they came to Nigeria, they made milk in a sachet, Peak was laughing at them – they said Cowbell was milk for the poor – but they were right!…

"Inspirational Message"

Dr.Myles Munroe’s Words of Wisdom.

Late Dr Myles Munroe; a man of wisdom  was quoted as saying: I was born poor, sleeping on the floor with cockroaches and rats. Today, I own my own jet. Everything I have is paid for. I am debt free; I open new businesses every year and mentor many people,” ON UNEMPLOYMENT Myles Munroe strongly discouraged the reliance on Government for jobs, describing it as ‘lazy thinking.’“There is no such thing as unemployment in the…

"Dr.Myles Munroe’s Words of Wisdom."

How Thomas Edison, The Electric Bulb Inventor,Inspired Henry Ford

​In 1896, Thomas Edison, the great inventor who invented the electric bulb, was working on an idea to design a car when he heard that a young man who worked in  his company had created an experimental car.  Edison met the youngman at his company’s party in New York and interviewed him about the car. He was impressed! He had the same idea as the young man but he was considering electricity as the power…

"How Thomas Edison, The Electric Bulb Inventor,Inspired Henry Ford"

Why Did She Pulled The Trigger? Read On…

​Robbers entered a house, asks for all the money and valuables. After they collected what they can, they gave the man of the house a gun with instructions to shoot his wife or else he wil be shot himself. The man gets the gun, points it at his wife and hesitates. He is thinking of what he has gone through in life with his wife and how she has suffered and sacrificed for him. He…

"Why Did She Pulled The Trigger? Read On…"

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