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Why Did She Pulled The Trigger? Read On…

​Robbers entered a house, asks for all the

money and valuables. After they

collected what they can, they gave the

man of the house a gun with

instructions to shoot his wife or else

he wil be shot himself.

The man gets the gun, points it at his

wife and hesitates. He is thinking of

what he has gone through in life with

his wife and how she has suffered

and sacrificed for him. He hands

back the gun and says, “I am sorry I

can’t do this…

“The boss of the robbers silently

grabs the gun from him and passes it

on to the wife with the same

instruction. The wife gets the gun and

without any single hesitation points

to her husband’s head and pulls the

trigger. But alas, the gun had no

bullets in it. The robbers get their gun

and walked out of the house laughing.


  1. If you were the man in that house

how would you react towards your


  1. If you were the wife, what

explanation can you give to your


  1. If you were invited to bring peace

between these couples, what advice

would you give?

Drop your Comments & ask your friends

too, this should really be an interesting

topic to discuss…..

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Wonderdul! The Twins

  1. Twins
    The twin brothers, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, were separated at birth, adopted by different families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys James. Both James grew up not knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. Both had sons, one of whom was named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their wives and married other women – both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they named Toy.