Everything you can imagine “sensibly and logically” is real.

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"Everything you can imagine “sensibly and logically” is real."

You are bless

U are bless in your body,u are bless in your business,u are bless in your finances,in ur going out and in ur coming in in the name of Jesus,no weapon function against u shall prosper,u are bless,u are protected,from de wind of power,from wind of evil,the disappointments of de past shall be turn to Destiny,but the power that is endured in u,thousand shall fall at ur side,ten thousand at ur right hand,for it shall not…

"You are bless"

Words of wisdom

U can’t if u think u can’t,if u tink u ar beaten u ar,if u tink u dare not u don’t,if u like to win but u think u can’t is almost certain u won’t,if u think u have lost u ar,”for out in the world we fight”sucess begins with the fellows will,it all in the state of mind,if u think u are out last you are,you have got to think high to rise,you have…

"Words of wisdom"