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Is Sex Food? -(adult post) 18+

By Langie Doc>>>>🔞
To Women:

Sex is not all about making children. You must be a different woman to your husband every time. Seduce your husband, don’t always allow your husband to ask for Sex, there must be no

timetable for sex. Be creative, don’t be predictable. Give him what he wants. If you loose influence over your husband, you have lost womanhood. Be part of your husband plans.
Don’t have too many children, ahah, do you want to sell them? Allow your husband to check in and out anytime. When a man is sexually satisfied, he is emotionally stable. Stop saying, is it food? YES SEX IS FOOD!!!! Stop telling him you have headache and stomach pain or you’re tired, because you don’t want to have sex.
As a wife, try to invest in yourself spiritually so you can adequately support him. Build yourself as

his prayer warrior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life. Don’t allow your

husband to provide all your needs, he is not a money making machine. Iron sharpens iron, try to reciprocate.
You are meant to support each other spiritually, financially, physically and morally through thick and thin. You are a builder….A Wise woman buildeth her home. Women need wisdom to build their homes. Do not be too outspoken, know when to talk, when to listen and when to be quiet.
Love your husband with all your heart, never tell him, “if not because of my children……..”, remember you’ve known him before the arrival of those children.
Pamper your husband, put his head on your chest and pray for him. Give him unannounced kisses from the back…. mwahhhhhh, don’t be too holy to kiss in the public. He is your husband for God sake. Be romantic, it is good for the heart. Some people are not happy that you’re happy in that marriage, prove them wrong, show them that you love him and he is your crown, always feel good when you hold him. 
Don’t look 50 while you’re still under 40, it drives men crazy. Always keep fit regardless of your age or body.
To Men:

Do not take a woman who does all these for granted!

Satisfy your woman’s needs morally, emotionally and financially. Know how to make her happy. Pamper her, pray for her, cherish her, love her, support her. Empower her and make her feel wanted like your precious jewel. 
Send this to all women and men in your contact list. Be glorified God

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