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A BAS – Explained.

Borrowed from French à bas.

(America) IPA: /ɑ.ˈbɑ/, /a.ˈba/, /a.ˈbɑ/,
Down with. [First attested in 1897.]
À bas the captain.
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EASE – Etymology, Pronunciation, History,Meaning, Synonyms, Translations and Reference..

From Middle English ese, ays, etc.

(British) IPA: /iːz/
(America) IPA: /iz/, audio en-us-ease.ogg
ease (uncountable)

Ability, the means to do something, particularly:
(obsolete) Opportunity, chance. ▼ show
Skill, dexterity, facility.
He played the ukelele with ease.
Comfort, a state or quality lacking unpleasantness, particularly:
Freedom from pain, hardship, and annoyance, sometimes (pejorative) idleness, sloth.
She enjoyed the ease of living in a house where the servants did all the work.
Freedom from worry and concern; peace; sometimes (pejorative) indifference.
The pension set her mind at ease.
Freedom from difficulty.
He passed all the exams with ease.
Freedom from effort, leisure, rest.
We took our ease on the patio.
▼ show
Freedom from financial effort or worry; affluence.
His inheritance catapulted him into a life of ease.
Freedom from embarrassment or awkwardness; grace.
She dealt with the faculty with combined authority and ease.
Relief, an end to discomfort, particularly:
Followed by of or from: release from or reduction of pain, hardship, or annoyance.
Take one pill every 12 hours to provide ease from pain.
(euphemistic) Release from intestinal discomfort: defecation.
Release from constraint, obligation, or a constrained position.
At ease, soldier!
(clothing) Additional space provided to allow greater movement.
Add some ease to the waist measurement.
(obsolete) A convenience; a luxury.
(obsolete) A relief; an easement.

(ability) ability, dexterity, facility, skill
(comfort) comfort, peace
(freedom from worry) peace of mind
(freedom from effort) free time, leisure, relaxation, rest
Translations (ability)
French: facilité
German: Fähigkeit, Talent
Italian: facilità
Portuguese: habilidade
Russian: лёгкость
Translations (comfort) ▼ show
Translations (freedom from pain, hardship, and annoyance) ▼ show
Translations (freedom from effort) ▼ show
Translations (relaxation) ▼ show
ease (eases, present participle easing; past and past participle eased)

(transitive) To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc.
He eased his conscience by confessing.
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(transitive) To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain).
He loosened his shoe to ease the pain.
(transitive) To give respite to (someone).
The provision of extra staff eased their workload.
(nautical) To loosen or slacken the tension on a line.
We eased the boom vang, then lowered the sail.
(transitive) To reduce the difficulty of (something).
We had to ease the entry requirements.
(transitive) To move (something) slowly and carefully.
He eased the cork from the bottle.
(intransitive) To lessen in severity.
The pain eased overnight.
(intransitive) To proceed with little effort.
The car eased onto the motorway.

(free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc) assuage, salve
(alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain)) allay, alleviate, assuage, lessen, reduce
(give respite to (someone)) give someone a break (informal), lay off (informal)
(loosen or slacken the tension on (something)) loosen, relax, slacken
(reduce the difficulty of (something)) facilitate, simplify
(lessen in severity) lessen, reduce
(proceed with little effort) cruise
Translations (To free (something) from pain, worry, agitation, etc) ▼ show
Translations (To alleviate, assuage or lessen (pain)) ▼ show
Translations (To give respite to (someone)) ▼ show
Translations (To loosen or slacken the tension on (something)) ▼ show
Translations (To reduce the difficulty of (something)) ▼ show
Translations (To lessen in severity) ▼ show
This text is extracted from the Wiktionary and it is available under the CC BY-SA 3.0 license