When Your Goat Do Not Follow Your Instruction. *donttrythisathome*


"When Your Goat Do Not Follow Your Instruction. *donttrythisathome*"

Over 120million Died in The 350 years of Slave Trade From Africa.

The total number of African slaves sent to all parts of the world between 1500 and 1865 was estimated to be at least 12 million. When you consider that only one in ten made the trip alive, the number of Africans who were enslaved or killed in the 350 years of the slave trade had to be no less than 120 million people.

"Over 120million Died in The 350 years of Slave Trade From Africa."

Q- FEVER Origin,Definition,Causes,Diagnosis,Symptoms,Treatment…Ect..!

Definition A disease characterized by high fever, chills, muscular pains, headache, and sometimes pneumonia that is caused by a bacterium (Coxiella burnetii of the family Coxiellaceae) of which domestic animals serve as reservoirs and that is transmitted to humans especially by inhalation of infective airborne bacteria   Background Q Fever was first described in abattoir workers, people who butchered animals, in the 1920s by Edward Holbrook Derrick. Since the cause of the symptoms was unknown…

"Q- FEVER Origin,Definition,Causes,Diagnosis,Symptoms,Treatment…Ect..!"


Eosinophilia – Definition, Causes, and Treatment. Definition Eosinophilia indicates elevated levels of eosinophils in the peripheral blood, usually related to an infectious, neoplastic, or allergic process. Often, high numbers of eosinophils may be present in other body fluids or tissues, but the term typically refers to peripheral blood eosinophilia. It is often defined as an absolute eosinophil count of ≥500 eosinophils/microliter (cells/microL) of blood. 500-1500cell/microL is considered mild, 1500-5000 cells moderate, and >5000 severe. Pathophysiology…


Developed Your Mind Not Your Muscles

Body guards are usually bigger than their employers. But their employers are always richer. When the body guard was developing his muscles his employer was developing his mind. What are you developing?

"Developed Your Mind Not Your Muscles"

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