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Poet: Homeless, Not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi

Homeless, Not Hopeless by Sola Owonibi
Homeless, Not Hopeless

We are the native of the street
Holed-up under bridges
We are necessary
We are part of your existence
Major fragment of the globe
As the day chameleon to night
You slump in the warmth of your beds
And the heat of loved ones
We also embrace the cozy
Cardboards laid on stinks
As the night inject us with cold breeze
And endurance
We sleep and dream
And have conferences with
The indigenes of the world
When its day, in bundle
We pack our belongings
And move on with our days
Standing, kneeling and bending
To beg for alms just for the day
Necessary part of your society
Translators of your dreams
Carriers of your burdens
Angels, we open gates
Of your blessings
We are the lack
That takes your lack
We are homeless, not hopeless
This makes us rife at hereafter
When death opens the gate
To the second phase

Sola Owonibi

Sola Owonibi, a multiple award-winning Nigerian poet, playwright, culture activist and literary critic, teaches at the Department of English Studies, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba, Nigeria. With over two decades of teaching literature and language across Nigerian universities, Owonibi has authored numerous academic papers, poetry and drama texts.